1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds Review

Excellent sound quality at a compelling price point

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds Review


  • Exceptional sound quality with Qualcomm aptX technology
  • Multiple pairing modes that allow each earbud to work independently if required
  • Four different sizes of o-hooks and ear tips to suit ears of all sizes
  • Great battery life


  • Average, all-plastic build
  • Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) technology is not as good as some competitors

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1MORE has been constantly innovating and coming up with audio products with revolutionary design and quality at very competitive price points. 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds come equipped with Qualcomm aptX technology and are compatible with AAC technology, a hi-res transmission technology optimized for better sounding Bluetooth audio. They also feature Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) technology to reduce ambient noise, which allows you to communicate effectively by cutting out background noise.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds - Design

They come with a charging case and three additional pairs of o-hooks and ear tips, effectively giving you four pairs of o-hooks and ear tips to choose from so that you can get a comfortable and secure seal. The earbuds can last up to 6.5 hours on a single charge. And each earbud works independently, which means that if you are listening with a partner, one of you can switch to a call and back to playback seamlessly without interrupting the other.

Physical Design

The o-hooks and ear tips of the ergonomically designed 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds sport 45-degree oblique angled nozzles and come in four different sizes. They are designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ear, while also being extremely light, to avoid discomfort during prolonged use. The earbuds and the case together weigh less than 53 g, making them easy to carry in your pockets, with each earbud weighing just 6.2 g.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds - Buttons

Each earbud has a button that is used for controlling the device. The buttons are used to power up the earbuds, answer and hang up calls, play tracks, and activate Siri or Google Assistant based on the device to which it is paired. A recent update also allows the volume to be controlled using these buttons.

Build Quality

The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds feel particularly light and comfortable to wear.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds have an all-plastic build. But, as mentioned earlier, being light can be a good thing when you need to have the earbuds in your ears for hours.

The earbuds get an NCVM (non-conductive vacuum metallization) coating, which is an eco-friendly vacuum plated coating process that gives them a sleek metallic finish and ensures a stable signal transmission. You also get four colors to choose from — Pink, Gold, Green, and Black.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds - Colors

The charging case will easily fit into pockets. The earbuds fit snugly into their place within the case for charging. The fact that the charge status indicator works only with the earbuds in and that the case doesn’t sport a USB-C port is slightly disappointing. The charging duties are taken care of by a micro-USB port instead.


The most interesting feature of 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds is the Multiple Pairing Mode that allows the earbuds to be used in standard mode for an immersive listening experience, or in the single-mode that allows each earbud to work independently. The connection is stable in most environments and dropouts are few and far in between; they are almost absent in indoor settings.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds

The Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) technology, while being useful to cut out a lot of background noise from the microphone, still leaves room for improvement. Some noise from urban settings like the sound of traffic and background chatter does seem to make it past the Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) technology.

You can call up your virtual assistant by triple-clicking a button on the earbuds.

Voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant can be summoned by triple-clicking the button on the earbuds. Other functions are also controlled by the buttons with the left and right earbud buttons assigned different duties based on single-click, double-click, press, and hold.

Battery Life

You can get up to 6.5 hours of playback time from a single battery charge.

The battery life offered by 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds is class-leading and a single charge can potentially last for up to 6.5 hours. Five hours of music playback at 50% volume is consistently achieved on a single charge. The quick charge functionality will give you three hours of playback with just 15 minutes of charging time.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds - Charging Case

The charging case adds more juice, which can effectively charge the earbuds three times over. This means that a fully charged case and a pair of earbuds can last a whole day. The 410 mAh case battery also packs a 96-hour standby time with the earbuds fully charged.

Sound Quality

Coming to the aspect that matters the most for a pair of earbuds, the sound quality is truly exceptional for a pair of earbuds at this price point. Once you find yourself the perfect seal, no background disturbance disturbs your listening experience. The sound resolution is great, and the soundstage is perfect.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds have a rich, warm tone.

The earbuds have been tuned by Grammy-award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi to ensure a fully balanced and precise soundstage. They offer a rich, warm, and crisp sound that is music to the ears. 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds do surpass the audio quality offered by Apple AirPods on several fronts.

The 7 mm dynamic driver with titanium composite diaphragm of the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds carefully balances exquisite details with powerful bass and the sound reproduction is crystal clear, while also being natural and authentic.


For the first truly wireless earbuds from the manufacturer, 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds pack a punch and the authentic, balanced sound quality. They can be customized using any of the four o-hooks and ear tips to ensure a good seal in all ear types, they have a long battery life that goes even further with the charging case, and they support fast charging. Besides all this, the ability to access Siri or Google Assistant makes them a compelling buy, especially at the competitive price point.

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