Best Bluetooth Speakers in 2021

Whether you’re on the road or in the shower, the best Bluetooth speakers bring your music wherever you need.

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If you’re in the market for a top Bluetooth speaker, we can’t recommend the Tribit XSound Go enough. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment, featuring excellent sound projection, a great battery life, and a reasonable asking price.

Over the years, we’ve really learned to distinguish great Bluetooth speakers from mediocre ones. This gives us the experience needed to figure out which speakers are worth all of our time and money. The good news is there are plenty for a variety of needs. Even if the Tribit XSound isn’t for you, there may be another that’s perfect. For instance, many of the top Bluetooth speakers will be more portable or durable.

We found a great Bluetooth speaker for use in the shower in the JBL Flip 4 and a solid choice for a high-end speaker in the Oraolo Portable. No matter what kind of Bluetooth speaker you need, we’re sure it’s on this list.

Tribit XSound Go

Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit XSound Go
Why should you buy this? This compact Bluetooth speaker combines affordability with quality and a rich sound range.

Tribit XSound Go - Amazon

Tribit XSound Go

The Tribit XSound Go is portable, sounds great, and has fantastic Bluetooth range while being waterproof.

Who’s it for? Those in the market for Bluetooth speakers that can provide quality with an affordable asking price will love what this speaker brings to the table.

Why we picked the Tribit XSound Go:

Some Bluetooth speakers are designed to work well in a single situation, like an outdoor camping party or inside a shower. This Bluetooth speaker does it all, providing an unparalleled listening experience with state-of-the-art bass radiators and dual 6W power drivers. Even at max volume, there’s no sound distortion.

It features a powerful lithium-ion battery for 24 hours of continuous use, and one of the longest Bluetooth ranges on the market at 66 feet. You can use this speaker equally effectively indoors and outdoors depending on your needs. Add to that the fact that it’s waterproof and this is one of the most versatile Bluetooth speakers around.

It’s compact and easy to control thanks to the multifunction button that lets you access your Siri or Google Now tools. Of course, it’s also built with an integrated microphone feature to hear all your voice commands. Overall, the Tribit XSound Go is our top choice because it’s affordable and has tons of great features and capabilities without skimping on sound quality.

Xleader SoundAngel A8

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

Xleader SoundAngel A8
Why should you buy this? This budget Bluetooth speaker still provides exceptional high-definition sound and touchscreen technology.

Xleader SoundAngel A8 - Amazon

Xleader SoundAngel A8

The SoundAngel A8 combines advanced technology and an affordable asking price to create a worthwhile product for all.

Who’s it for? This is an ideal Bluetooth speaker for shoppers on a budget or those who enjoy touch screen controls.

Why we picked the Xleader SoundAngel A8:

The Xleader SoundAngel A8 is one of the most affordable high-quality Bluetooth speakers on the market, meaning that anyone can afford it and have it ready for the next party or music jam session. It’s equipped with advanced technology, like a 40 mm 5 W driver and a subwoofer resonator. This creates exceptionally loud sound despite its overall small size and compact design.

It features a touchscreen control system that allows you to quickly swipe between songs and control the volume of the output. You can even take phone calls using this Bluetooth speaker, which is often more convenient than searching for your smartphone. Since it automatically reconnects the last device used, this functionality is useful and effective.

This speaker also features high-performance lithium-ion battery power and can be recharged in just 2 to 3 hours using the micro USB cable included with the purchase. To make things even better, it comes with a three-year warranty for manufacturer defects and an included auxiliary cable. All in all, there’s a lot of value for money packed into this purchase and it’s well worth your time to check it out.

Oraolo Portable

Best High-End Bluetooth Speaker

Oraolo Portable
Why should you buy this? This high-quality Bluetooth speaker is portable, durable, and feature exceptional 24 W stereo sound.

Oraolo Portable - Amazon

Oraolo Portable

Few Bluetooth speakers can match the durable design of this high-end purchase, which includes a sturdy case and plenty of playtime for outdoor gatherings.

Who’s it for? This Bluetooth speaker is an ideal choice for anyone after a high-end speaker that’ll last for a long time despite frequent use.

Why we picked the Oraolo Portable:

This Bluetooth speaker is among the best of the best thanks to its affordable and durable construction. It features a smooth rubber exterior to protect the interior of the speaker from all types of damage, plus a sturdy handle you can take the speaker wherever you need it to go. It’s totally waterproof, as well, so it’s an ideal choice for a pool or beach party.

That’s only scratching the surface of what it offers. This speaker has twin 12 W drivers that provide exceptional stereo sound and a passive subwoofer function. This enables lower bass frequencies to truly shine, amplifying the effect of any track being played. It even features a unique loudspeaker cavity to deliver some of the best acoustic sound you’ll ever hear, plus some noise and wind resistance tech.

It can easily connect to any Bluetooth device within 10 m and features stable signal transmissions no matter what. It also features lower power consumption ratings than many other high-end Bluetooth speakers, being able to play continuously for 20 hours before needing to recharge. All in all, it’s tough to find Bluetooth speakers that are designed with the quality and power that the Oraolo Portable offer, but we’re glad we did.

Anker Soundcore 2

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2
Why should you buy this? Not all Bluetooth speakers have to be vulnerable to water damage, and the Soundcore 2 is practically impervious to liquid damage of any kind.

Anker Soundcore 2 - Amazon

Anker Soundcore 2

This Bluetooth speaker offers phenomenal value for money thanks to its intense bass emitters and excellent casing.

Who’s it for? This is the ideal Bluetooth speaker choice for music enthusiasts worried about their new speaker kicking the bucket from water damage, either from the pool or from inclement weather.

Why we picked the Anker Soundcore 2:

This Bluetooth speaker is among the toughest you’ll find despite its small size. Don’t be fooled; this speaker features exceptional protection against all types of inclement weather, including rain and snow. Since these two types of weather are the riskiest when it comes to water damage, we’re glad to see that its waterproof reputation extends to them along with regular watery hazards.

Its durability comes from the hidden location of its 12W drivers, which are stored deep within its chassis. The outer casing is sturdy and basically “outdoor-proof” when tested during long parties or celebrations. The drivers are powerful enough to project sound quite a distance away, which makes it an even better choice for outdoor gatherings at the beach or pool.

It features wireless stereo pairing and some of the best bass tech we’ve seen, including a patented spiral bass port. This makes the low-end frequencies of your favorite tracks hit even harder. You can get all this value for an affordable asking price that isn’t likely to break the bank, too. Overall, the Anker Soundcore 2 is waterproof enough that you should feel free to bring it to any pool party in your future.

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Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3
Why should you buy this?

This high-quality Bluetooth speaker features crystal-clear stereo sound and enhanced projection to deliver music at far distances.

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 - Amazon

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3

This speaker is powerful enough to project your favorite tracks up to 100 feet away from the device and at incredibly loud volumes.

Who’s it for? Anyone needing a high-powered Bluetooth speaker to deliver music to an entire backyard of people should check this pick out.

Why we picked the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3:

The Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 features some of the best tech in the business, making it an ideal choice for outdoor celebrations. Designed and engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks, this speaker uses a proprietary passive bass radiator, which allows low-frequency sounds to be projected farther and more clearly than ever before. This radiator is accompanied by top-of-the-line drivers that can deliver fantastic sound with new music distortion.

It plays up to 100 feet away and can project music even farther than that, and at loud volumes. 10+ watt power amp functionality increases the volume of your music, again with no distortion. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this speaker really brings the party to life.

Add to all those benefits a great battery that can play up to 14 hours and an auxiliary connector port for non-Bluetooth devices and you’ve got a versatile Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for the next party. It’s the perfect choice for taking to your campsite or for listening to while you rock out in the back yard.

Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color II
Why should you buy this? Bose is well known for its sound quality, and this speaker is no exception to that rule.

Bose SoundLink Color II - Amazon

Bose SoundLink Color II

This Bluetooth speaker features a rugged exterior but some of the clearest and sharpest sound you’ll ever hear.

Who’s it for? This should be a Bluetooth speaker of choice for anyone interested in high-quality Bluetooth sound without a match.

Why we picked the Bose SoundLink Color II:

The Bose SoundLink II is, without a doubt, one of the clearest and highest quality speakers on the market. It makes use of proprietary and innovative Bose technology to pack top-quality sound into a small speaker device that’s portable enough to be placed anywhere and light enough to be carried with ease.

Bose is well-known for its bass quality, and this quality returns in the SoundLink. Listening to your favorite music via its hardware is a magical experience that isn’t rivaled by any other Bluetooth speaker on the market. But it also has a built-in mic for taking your phone calls or allowing you to control it via Siri or Google Now.

There are other benefits, too, which make it even more of a great choice for those looking for the best of the best. It features a lithium-ion battery, a water-resistant shell, and an auxiliary port for extra playback options. You can even pick this speaker up in several different colors. In the end, there’s no matching this speaker for sound quality, so grab it before it’s gone if you don’t want to compromise on your musical depth when you listen through a Bluetooth speaker.

JBL Flip 4

Best Shower Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 4
Why should you buy this? This compact Bluetooth speaker is a perfect pick as a shower companion thanks to its size, shape, and ease of use.

JBL Flip 4 - Amazon

JBL Flip 4

Shower Bluetooth speakers need to be waterproof, portable, and immersive; this speaker is all three.

Who’s it for? This is a perfect Bluetooth speaker for anyone wanting to bring their favorite songs with them into the shower.

Why we picked the JBL Flip 4:

The JBL Flip 4 is truly a class of its own, thanks to its exceptional waterproof casing. This casing is so consistent and reliable that you could leave the speaker directly under the showerhead for hours on end, and it would still project your music without fail. Even full submersion doesn’t stop this speaker from jamming on.

Two speakers can be wirelessly connected at once and play stereo sound music from a smartphone or tablet thanks to its external passive radiators. The bass quality is even quite decent, which is surprising but impressive given its size and shape.

The speaker further features a decent 12 hours of playtime, so you’ll only occasionally need to dry it off and give it a recharge. All in all, the JBL Flip 4 brings your music wherever you need it, earning it an impressive spot on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers.

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How we test

To determine the top Bluetooth speakers for your needs, we played a variety of tracks on each chosen speaker model with high variation in sound frequency. This allowed us to test their high and mid-range sound projection in addition to their bass capabilities. Sound projection tests included volume maximums so we could see how well each speaker projected.

We also examined each speaker’s overall weight, durability, and battery lifespan. This helped us determine our choices for the best picks for waterproofing, outdoor use, and shower use, respectively.

Best Bluetooth Speakers FAQ

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker unit that can wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This allows it to receive song transmissions from those devices (typically phones or tablets) and play that music via its drivers or radiators. Bluetooth speakers are typically smaller and not as loud as stationary ones.

Many Bluetooth speakers have additional auxiliary cables to let them play music via a physical connection. All Bluetooth speakers have a maximum connectivity range, which is usually between 50-100 feet.

How much is a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker costs can vary drastically from product to product. It all depends on what’s inside the Bluetooth speaker and how powerful it is. For instance, Bluetooth speakers that aren’t very loud or which don’t have long-lasting batteries will typically be cheaper than Bluetooth speakers that have long lifetimes or powerful drivers.

Generally speaking, Bluetooth speakers can usually be purchased between $20 and $200. Many of the best Bluetooth speakers can be found within this price range, offering a decent mix of quality without requiring a huge budget. Our top choice, the Tribit XSound Go, is a perfect example of this balance.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker?

In our eyes, the Tribit XSound Go is the best Bluetooth speaker all around due to its versatility and balance between quality and budget. However, the best Bluetooth speaker for you might be something incredibly different.

Some people choose to focus on sound quality and will likely need to purchase more expensive Bluetooth speakers as a result. Others might want more portability, in which case they’ll want a smaller, easier to carry Bluetooth speaker. Still more might want a Bluetooth speaker that they can take in the shower; in this case, they need one with a waterproof shell or casing.

What is the loudest Bluetooth speaker?

The loudest Bluetooth speaker on our list is the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3, but many Bluetooth speakers elsewhere on the market may be louder. In general, Bluetooth speakers don’t reach as loud a volume as regular speakers since their power sources are much smaller, as well as their drivers or radiators. This limits their ability to project sound.

What is the best portable Bluetooth speaker?

The JBL Flip 4 is a great choice for a portable Bluetooth speaker since it’s so small and easy to carry. But always look for a Bluetooth speaker that’s got a handle or plenty of power in a small casing if you want an ideal portable unit.