7 Best Laser Printers in 2021

Efficient and smooth, these laser printers will be perfect for offices or homes alike.

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The laser printer market is completely saturated. Everywhere you look, you can find dozens of laser printers all claiming to be the best on the market and worth your time and money. But all laser printers can’t really be worthy of your home office or small business, right?

We didn’t think so. Just like every major device or machine on the market, there are great laser printers and mediocre ones. We took it upon ourselves to find the top laser printers in 2021, and we ended up coming up with a great collection we think you’ll appreciate.

You can see the best overall, the Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome. Or you can consider the best wireless option, the Samsung Xpress M2026W Wireless. Or maybe check out the best all-in-one machine, the Brother MFCL2710DW. Whatever you need, there’s a laser printer right for you in our guide. Let’s get started!

Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Best Overall Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer is a top-tier choice thanks to its fantastic features and affordability.

Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer - Amazon

Brother HL-L2350DW

This printer does a phenomenal job at getting out lots of pages fast, so it’ll be suitable for office or home environments.

Who’s it for? This is a printer that only produces black and white pages, but it does so at a rapid-fire pace and with phenomenal efficiency; anyone who needs to make lots of prints fast will love it.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L2350DW:

We chose this printer as the best overall because of its excellent features and printing efficiency. As an example, it has a 250 sheet paper capacity, so you’ll spend less time refilling the tray. Even better, it can handle letter and legal size paper, so it’s suitable for just about any print job that a typical office, home or otherwise, might need.

It also comes with automatic duplex, or two-sided, printing. You won’t need to manually change the sheets if you want to use both sides of the page. The high-yield replacement cartridges deliver twice the regular print volume at a lower than average cost.

You’ll be able to print up to 15,000 pages a month or 32 pages per minute. Add to that the easy-to-link wireless technology and free online or live chat support and you have a phenomenal piece of equipment.

Read our full Brother HL-L2350DW Review

Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Best Cheap Laser Printer

Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Why should you buy this? The Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer is a high tech piece of equipment that nonetheless can be purchased for an affordable asking price.

Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer - Amazon

Epson Workforce WF-2830

This is a great printer for several reasons, but it’s primary benefits for its affordability and its excellent efficiency, which comes with two-sided printing.

Who’s it for? The WF-2830 will be a great choice for anyone who needs a high-quality color printer that also doesn’t break the bank.

Why we picked the Epson Workforce WF-2830:

This printer has lots of things to make it worth your while. For starters, it can print up to 10 pages per minute on black and white or 4 pages per minute if you decide to use color. Even better, it has automatic duplex printing, along with hands-free voice-activated printing functionality. You can, therefore, print without touching a single button.

It comes with a 100 sheet paper feed tray for additional productivity, and it’s easy to engage its wireless functionalities. You’ll be able to print from any mobile device or smartphone relatively easily.

Its last notable feature is the 30-page auto document feeder at the top. This allows you to copy or scan large piles of documents with total comfort and ease of use in mind. Overall, it’s a huge surprise that this printer comes with so many excellent features given the low asking price.

HP LaserJet Pro M254DW Wireless Color Laser Printer

Best High-End Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M254DW Wireless Color Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The HP LaserJet Pro M254DW Wireless Color Printer is pricey but well worth the initial cost because of its plethora of features and advanced design.

HP LaserJet Pro M254DW Wireless Color Laser Printer - Amazon

HP LaserJet Pro M254DW

This is a printer built to last, and one that can lead to long-term savings because of its overall efficiency.

Who’s it for? This is an ideal printer for those who have a little extra cash to spend but who want a printer that doesn’t have any big downsides.

Why we picked the HP LaserJet Pro M254DW:

We chose the M254DW for lots of reasons. For starters, it’s relatively compact and has double-sided printing, which we always love. It’s just a great feature for home or office use. It also has mobile and wireless printing, as well as USB ports for additional document downloading. The 2.7-inch color touchscreen lets you choose how you print and when very quickly and easily.

When it comes to actually printing documents, this machine can produce up to 22 black and white pages per minute or about 12 color pages per minute. The paper tray can hold 250 sheets before you need to refill it. This is ideal for smaller or larger jobs alike.

You can also download the proprietary HP Smart App, which comes with additional customizable settings. You can scan documents from your smartphone or even order toner all from a single screen.

It features excellent connectivity and a one-year limited hardware warranty. The warranty is an excellent addition given the high asking price. You’ll additionally be able to take advantage of free HP web support, so any potential technical issues you run into will likely be solved without too much effort.

Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Best All-in-One Laser Printer

Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Laser Printer is an excellent all-in-one choice, as it can do everything you’d expect from a modern printer without downsides.

Brother MFC-L2710DW Monochrome Laser Printer - Amazon

Brother MFC-L2710DW

This top-tier printer is compact but is almost as high-powered and efficient as larger, office-ready machines.

Who’s it for? This is a perfect printer for those who want a single machine that can handle all of their copying and document preparation needs.

Why we picked the Brother MFC-L2710DW:

This printer has several reasons to draw your attention. It features printing speeds up to 30 black and white pages per minute, all without producing noise over 50 dB. Loud printers can easily become annoying, particularly in busy offices or small home rooms. But this printer doesn’t have that issue.

It also comes with a 50 sheet automatic document feeder. This feeder will allow you to scanner copy pages without having to prepare them one at a time. The actual printing tray can hold up to 250 sheets, which is industry-standard but still impressive given the printer’s overall small size. Even better, there’s a manual feed a slot. This is perfect for handling less common or thicker sheets of paper for unique printing jobs like invitations.

You can also easily send print jobs to the printer wirelessly from any mobile device, including a smartphone or tablet. Even cloud printing is possible with this all-in-one machine.

Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Best Black and White Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer is one of the most efficient and high-speed black-and-white machines you can find on the market.

Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer - Amazon

Brother HL-L2320D

This printer is not only an excellent choice for rapid-fire black-and-white printing; it’s also one of the most affordable options for small offices or homeowners.

Who’s it for? This monochrome printer is an ideal choice for those who need black and white copies only, and a lot of them.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L2320D:

We chose this monochrome laser printer for lots of reasons, but primarily because of its 30 pages per minute printing speed. This will allow you to churn out larger printing jobs rather painlessly, and without having to constantly stop and start your work. Since everything is monochrome, the pages come out quickly and with excellent detail.

It’s also equipped with automatic duplexing, which is another feature we really love. The printer is equipped with a 250 sheet capacity tray. But we also noted the adjustable barriers on the tray to let you use letter or legal size paper, making this a great choice for small businesses that occasionally need both types.

There’s a manual feed slot you can use to print envelopes, as well as several additional custom printing features. The only real downside is the lack of wireless connectivity. But this printer does use a high-speed USB port for local connectivity. It’s a simple machine, but an excellent choice for many.

Samsung Xpress M2026W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Best Wireless Laser Printer

Samsung Xpress M2026W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The Samsung Xpress M2026W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is a high tech piece of printing equipment, and very flexible for printing from afar.

Samsung Xpress M2026W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer - Amazon

Samsung Xpress M2026W

This printer does a great job not only of receiving print jobs from across the office, but also producing them in rapid succession.

Who’s it for? This printer is a great choice for those who need stable Wi-Fi printing for the majority of their business or small home office needs.

Why we picked the Samsung Xpress M2026W:

This wireless monochrome laser printer is supported by HP and can deliver hassle-free mobile printing in just seconds. It has a built-in NFC transceiver that lets your mobile device quickly connect to and communicate with the printer even from far away. But its coolest technological development is the tap-print function.

That’s right; you can just tap your phone to the printer and begin printing automatically, so long as you have an Android device. You can also download the proprietary Samsung app and print from whatever mobile device you have on hand.

As a general printer, this is a great machine, too. It can print up to 21 pages per minute and has a compact design. You’ll be able to use it even with limited desk space. Everything is backed with a one-year limited warranty and it supports paper of variable sizes and thicknesses. Any mobile job you need to complete can be handled by this machine.

HP LaserJet Pro M118DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Best Laser Printer for Home Office

HP LaserJet Pro M118DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Why should you buy this? The HP LaserJet Pro M118DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is very easy to use, very affordable, and is one of the best on the market in terms of cost-effectiveness.

HP LaserJet Pro M118DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer - Amazon

HP LaserJet Pro M118DW

This printer can help save you energy and money thanks to its modern features and its excellent copy yield from its paper tray and toner quality.

Who’s it for? It’s a fantastic printer for anyone who was a small home office or who just need a reliable printer for getting homework done.

Why we picked the HP LaserJet Pro M118DW:

This printer was chosen because of its suitability with the home office environment. It’s a wireless monochrome model that produces an extremely high yield of pages per toner cartridge used. You’ll be able to print up to 30 pages per minute and use the 250 sheet input tray to their maximum extents. Every print will be high-quality, and you can take advantage of automatic two-sided printing if you desire.

You can also connect the HP app to this printer and get your wireless printing done from afar. Toner ordering and device setup can also be handled from the screen. Voice activation and smart home assistant integration are also enabled. These features just showcase the printer’s advanced design.

It even comes with an HP automatic on or off technology that turns the printer off when it’s not in use. You’ll be able to save energy and money because of this excellent feature.

How we test

We didn’t want to settle for subpar laser printers in any regard. We ourselves know the difficulty if you end up with a bad pick. Finicky printers can fail to complete jobs, be too loud, or be too slow to get any meaningful work done when you need a copy finished!

To find the best printers, we tried out each of the models below and more with a variety of printing tasks. We specifically looked at color fidelity and detail for any printer that wasn’t monochrome. Then we focused more on speed and productivity for monochrome printers to reflect their likely usage. In the end, we came up with a host of laser printers that we feel represent the best in specific niches. No matter what you want a laser printer for, you should find something perfect for your needs above.

Laser Printer FAQ

What is a Laser Printer?

Laser printers are some of the most popular printing machines in the world. They were first created in 1975 and have continued to become more affordable and effective over time. They are usually more cost-effective compared to inkjet printers because of their low operating costs can because you need to replace laser toner less frequently than inkjet ink.

What Should You Never Do When Working On a Laser Printer?

There are a few things you should always avoid when using or working on a laser printer. You should always have a laser printer on a stable base, as printing can produce vibrations that can knock it off and unstable platform. You should also let the printer cool down before changing the toner cartridge or performing maintenance, as the interior of the printer will always become hot after printing.

Furthermore, toner can be toxic to your skin and lungs. You should always wear gloves when changing toner cartridges and store toner cartridges in cool and dark places as sunlight or heat can negatively affect the toner quality.

Finally, like all electrical appliances, be sure to always keep the power cord in a stable and secure outlet and make sure that the cord cannot easily be tripped over. Some printers, like the HP LaserJet Pro M118DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer, have safety features built-in.

How Does a Laser Printer Work?

Laser printers like the Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer use nonimpact photocopier technology, which means that documents are sent to the printer from a computer; a laser beam inside the main apparatus then “draws” the digital document on a drum coated with selenium, following impulses via electrical charges.

Basically, the toner drum is charged and rolled in toner – this is a common type of dry ink powder you can find in most office supply stores. The toner then adheres to the charged image that is “drawn” on the drum. Said toner is finally transferred to a piece of paper and used to the paper surface using high heat and pressure. As the paper emerges, the electrical charge is removed, and any leftover toner is collected for reuse.

Most laser printers only print in black and white, or monochrome. Rarer color laser printers are around 10 times more expensive because of complications to this basic process.

What is the Best Laser Printer?

The best laser printer for you might be different for someone else. It’s all based on what you need. For instance, if you need a monochrome printer, check out the Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer. Alternatively, if you want a color machine that can do it all, see the Brother MFCL2710DW. Or you might need something affordable for less common printing. The Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One is your best bet, in that case.

Which is Better: Inkjet or Laser Printers?

It depends on what you need to be printed and how much you need produced in a short span of time. Laser printers are more cost-effective and can produce more copies of the same paper more quickly than an inkjet printer. In addition, their copies don’t have as much of a chance of smearing. Laser printer toner doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as much as inkjet cartridges.

However, inkjet printers are better for printing photos or paper that has a high need for detailed color. So it all depends on your overall goals and printing needs.

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