The 7 Best Table Saws in 2021

Make every workpiece your best with one of the best table saws in 2021.

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Some say that a woodworker is only as good as his tools. That’s certainly the case when it comes to table saws. No two saws are made alike, and a subpar saw can mess with the quality of your workpiece and prevent you from showing off your craft to its maximum extent. What self-respecting woodworker would settle for a table saw that couldn’t get the job done?

To that end, we set out to find the best table saws in 2021 and came up with several top choices. The Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw is just one example, and it combines quality with affordability in a perfect way. But the Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw is another top choice as well due to its portability and efficiency. We even found some great saw blades in the DeWalt DW3112 Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blades, which are excellent for a wide variety of table saw choices. Let’s check out these options and more in greater detail below.

Bosch 10-Inch GTS1031 Table Saw

Best Table Saw Overall

Bosch 10-Inch GTS1031 Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw is tough, capable, and designed for precision performance wherever you need it.

Bosch 10-Inch GTS1031 Table Saw - Amazon

Bosch GTS1031

This table saw is suitable for virtually any woodworking task thanks to its aligning fence, fantastic saw blade, and 5000 RPM motor.

Who’s it for? This is a table saw that’s perfect for generalists or those looking for a decent piece of hardware without any special considerations.

Why we picked the Bosch GTS1031:

This table saw can do it all, and for an affordable asking price. For starters, it’s one of the better portable table saws on the market because it has a one-handed carrying handle located on the side. You’ll be able to take it to your worksite without too much difficulty, especially since it doesn’t weigh too much at just 57 pounds.

It’s also equipped with a 24-tooth super durable carbide saw blade. This saw blade is capable enough to perform most cutting actions. It’s powered with a 5000 RPM motor, enabling you to complete most woodworking tasks you’ll be assigned. It’s enhanced thanks to the square lock rip fence and the special aligning design. A Smart Guard is integrated into the table and it has anti-kickback pawls to give you even more control. The steel base is tough enough that it won’t buckle under significant wear and tear, too.

Even better, this table saw has an underside dust chute that automatically collects sawdust from your work. As a result, your job site will be cleaner without any extra effort on your part. Overall, this table saw has something for everyone. It strikes a great balance between functionality and affordability.

DeWalt 10-Inch DW745 Table Saw

Best Cheap Table Saw

DeWalt 10-Inch DW745 Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The DeWalt 10-Inch DW745 Table Saw is quite affordable, even though it has a heavy-duty 10-inch blade and a powerful 1850 W motor.

DeWalt 10-Inch DW745 Table Saw - Amazon

DeWalt DW745

This table saw has 16-inch rip capacity and only weighs 49 pounds, providing excellent service for a low asking price.

Who’s it for? This is an excellent choice for woodworkers looking for a high-quality table saw that won’t break your budget.

Why we picked the DeWalt 10-inch DW745:

This table saw has a lot of elements going for it, including a steel roll cage that will protect your saw against any drops or impacts. It’s also equipped with a pinion fence system and front and rear fence locks. In essence, any of the workpieces you mount onto this table saw won’t budge as you proceed with your cuts. To make things better, there’s a bevel shoe that goes from 0 to 45°. You can quickly lock this with a large scale to make easy and accurate adjustments in a flash.

The table saw is optimized with an 1850-Watt motor; this provides excellent performance no matter how you want to use the table saw. It also boasts 610 mm of rip capacity, even with its portable design and extendable side table.

But there’s even more value for this affordable table saw. It has an overload protection system for the motor that will keep the blade working consistently. This is true even with particularly hard or frozen wood pieces. Basically, you’ll be able to rely on this saw just as much as a more expensive model without paying so much upfront.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw

Best Portable Table Saw

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw is a heavy-duty and portable piece of equipment with an included gravity rise wheeled stand to let you maneuver it around your worksite.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw - Amazon

Bosch 4100-10

This portable table saw doesn’t just have excellent features but also includes a maneuverable rolling base.

Who’s it for? This table saw is a great choice for woodworkers that need an excellent cutter that they can also move around their worksite without having to physically lift it by a handle.

Why we picked the Bosch 4100-10:

There’s a lot to like about this table saw, starting with its included GTA47W gravity rise wheeled stand. It comes with two durable wheels and a locking fixture to secure the tables on to the top. You can quickly move it from place to place without having to carry its entire weight yourself.

Even beyond this portability, the table saw itself has many features that make it worth your while. It has a large cast aluminum top that provides increased workspace. It’s fitted with a 25-inch ripping capacity, so most typical jobsite cuts will be possible. It’s also equipped with a 15-amp circular saw with 3650 RPM; perfect for most woodworkers or beginner wood-cutting tasks.

It also includes a smart guard system with anti-kickback pawls, which provide enhanced protection for the user. A guard assembly brings an additional barrier into play. This will stop unwanted blade contact while still giving you a perfect view of every cut you make. In essence, not only is this a great portable table saw, it’s a great table saw by itself.

DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt Table Saw

Best Hybrid Table Saw

DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt Table Saw is a powerful and flexible piece of equipment that’ll be popular among experienced, versatile woodworkers.

DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt Table Saw - Amazon

DeWalt DCS7485T1

This table saw has the space and equipment you need to tackle any woodworking job, and even some cabinet modifications.

Who’s it for? This hybrid table saw is a particularly good choice for woodworkers that need something that can do some large-scale cabinet work without paying for a heavier, bigger saw that takes up lots of space.

Why we picked the DeWalt DCS7485T1:

The DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt is a top hybrid saw due to its power flexibility. It has a battery that will automatically change voltages as you switch between tools, and you can power this with either a cord or a cordless battery system. This also grants it additional portability, for added benefit.

It’s fitted with a metal roll cage base that provides fantastic durability compared to other plastic bases. It also has rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. Basically, these let you make adjustments to your cuts smoothly and accurately. It has 24 inches of rip capacity: perfect for some cabinet pieces even if it isn’t quite as suitable for large-scale work as a true cabinet saw.

It has a few other features that make it stand out, as well. For instance, it has a power loss reset function. This prevents the saw from accidentally restarting if power is ever disrupted and you forget to turn it off. It’s a great safety feature that experienced woodworkers will appreciate. The modular guarding system will let you make tool-free adjustments, too.

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw

Best Cabinet Table Saw

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw is the closest thing you’ll get to a true table saw meant for cabinetwork, with a large working space and a phenomenal stand.

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw - Amazon

DeWalt DWE7491RS

This table saw is heavy-duty and provides ample ripping space for working on cabinets and larger workpieces.

Who’s it for? This will be an excellent choice for those with jobsites where space is at a premium, so they need something smaller than a traditional cabinet saw to finish a larger workpiece.

Why we picked the DeWalt DWE7491RS:

This table saw has enough power to warrant its high asking price. The 15.0-amp high torque motor has enough juice to easily cut various high-quality lumber types and certain hardwoods. When combined with 32 inches of ripping space, you’ll have the power and the room you need to maneuver larger workpieces around properly and ensure perfect results every time.

It’s quite heavy at 90 pounds. But it’s equipped with a durable stand that is pre-sized for user comfort. This stand also comes with wheels to let you roll it from place to place without too much effort. It also has telescoping fence rails that can easily retract or extend to add additional space. There’s a 2-inch dust collection port that connects to a vacuum for easy and efficient dust extraction.

But that’s not all. This table saw is also equipped with an onboard storage system that’ll let you store your tools and components close to the main saw. It’s great for organization. Ultimately, this table saw is a perfect combination between the size and ease-of-use of a traditional table saw and the space and power of a larger cabinet saw.

NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw

Best Small Table Saw

NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw

Why should you buy this? The NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw is small, effective, and perfect for jobs requiring precision or for workpieces too small to reliably use with a typical table saw.

NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw - Amazon

NovelLife Mini Hobby

This miniature table saw has a blade and cutting surface perfectly sized for DIY model hobbies or for touching up the edges of larger workpieces.

Who’s it for? This table saw will be a favorite for hobbyist woodworkers that like to tinker with models or statues for fun.

Why we picked the NovelLife Mini Hobby:

This table saw might be small, but it still has a 795-type dual ball bearing motor. The motor provides enough power for cutting traditional wood or plastic materials. It also doesn’t make too much noise. It also doesn’t make too much noise. Even better, the saw comes with four rubber damping pads that are anti-slip and shock absorbent to make your work experience safer and more comfortable.

It comes with 3 saw blades: a 3-inch circular saw blade, a 2.4-inch diamond saw blade, and a 3-inch alloy saw blade. This provides you with lots of versatility for your cutting or hobbyist needs. You can use any of the blades with the miter gauge located on the desktop. This is fitted with a laser skilled plate to make your measurements as precise as you want them.

The desktop itself is also quite durable despite the small size and affordable asking price of the saw as a whole. It’s built with 5 mm thick aluminum alloy, so it’ll never deform even after heavy use. You can also put a protective plate over the saw blade when it is not in use, which might be helpful if you need to store the saw indoors around kids.

DeWalt DW3112 Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blades

Best Table Saw Blades

DeWalt DW3112 Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blades

Why should you buy this? The DeWalt DW3112 Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blades will fit a wide variety of table saws, even those not manufactured by DeWalt.

DeWalt DW3112 Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blades - Amazon

DeWalt DW3112

These high-quality table saw blades are made with fine materials and feature thin kerfs for fast and smooth cutting action every time you use them.

Who’s it for? These blades are suitable for any woodworker that has a table saw with 10-inch blade capacity.

Why we picked the DeWalt DW3112:

These table saw blades will be an excellent choice for just about any table saw model because of their excellent design and smart shaping. Despite their manufacturer, they’ll work for any table saw they fit with, providing their ample advantages to all kinds of woodworkers.

They feature balanced plates that have been lasered to perfection through computer analysis. This ensures perfect stability and an even better metallic finish than what the human eye could produce. They also feature an exclusive wedge shoulder design. Put simply, this forces more steel behind each tip so the actual cutting edges of the blade last longer and are even more accurate.

The kerfs are thin and smooth so you can slice through workpieces quickly and easily. Perhaps best of all, each saw blade isn’t that expensive, so you can get several either as a primary saw blade replacement or for a few backups in case of an emergency.

How we test

In order to determine the best table saws in 2021, we went to work testing out each of the above saws. We saw how well they worked with several pieces of wood stock. We also examined general reviews from experienced woodworkers. They had the expertise necessary to know what tools are really worth your money. We eventually came up with a comprehensive collection of excellent table saws. We also found some good replacement blades that you can use for most of these machines.

Table Saws FAQ

What is a Table Saw?

In a nutshell, a table saw is any woodworking saw that uses a circular saw blade powered by an electric motor and mounted on an arbor. The circular saw blade pokes through the top of a flat table, which allows the woodworker to move a workpiece across the saw in straight lines. Many excellent table saws include fences or other barriers. These improve line cutting orientation and stability.

Table saws can come in a wide variety of saw blade sizes, voltages, and overall sizes. Some are better for hobbyist woodworking. Other table saws are suitable for professional woodwork. Just look at the difference between the NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw and the DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw.

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

A hybrid table saw combines the ease-of-use and lower asking price of a traditional table saw with the added room and extra power and features of a cabinet saw. A cabinet saw is usually a larger woodworking tool that has a large stand with a powerful motor on the back. Hybrid saws will usually have a motor on the interior as a traditional table saw would. This still allows workers to complete more advanced pieces or do work for cabinets without a full cabinet saw.

Keep in mind that hybrid table saws are not as appropriate for full cabinet work as actual cabinet saws.

One advantage of hybrid saws is that they are usually more portable than full cabinet saws. So contractors can bring them to work sites rather than have to bring all the woodworking materials to their shops.

Our choice of the DeWalt DCS7485T1 FlexVolt Table Saw is a perfect example of this saw type.

What to Look For in a Table Saw

When you’re looking for a good table saw, keep these factors in mind. First, think about where you plan to use the saw as this will dictate how large it can be and how portable it needs to be. Table saws you plan to use for heavy-duty woodwork should be larger and can be stationary since they’ll be set up in your workshop.

Table saws that you want to take from place to place will need to be smaller and lighter. Or they may need a wheeled fixture to let you move them easily to a worksite. The Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw is a good example.

Think about the type of work you’ll be using the saw for as well. Larger saws, like hybrid saws, will be better for cabinetwork or for more demanding workpieces. Professionals will like more powerful saws, as well. Pick the DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw if you want something like that.

Next, consider the features included with every saw. Some table saws have fences that can walk down solidly and prevent your workpieces from moving around. Many of the best saws will also include miter gauges, which help you make angled cuts without making mistakes. Some of the best table saws will also include dust collection features like bags or compartments. These make cleaning up after you are finished working much quicker.

What Can You Do With a Table Saw?

You can do quite a lot with a good table saw. It’s one of the most versatile woodworking machines you can get. It can be used to cut multiple types of workpieces or sheet metals. This gives you the ability to create your own furniture or modify doors, walls, or existing furniture in your home. More skilled workers can even apply shapes to the edges of their wood stock for decorative purposes.

Ultimately, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can accomplish with the right practice and a good table saw.

What is the Best Portable Table Saw?

The best portable table saw will be easy enough to carry around. But it will still provide you with enough power and functionality to be worth taking it to a job site. To that end, the Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw is a great choice because it’s easy to roll around with its included table. But even other saws that have handles can be great, especially if they don’t weigh too much; the Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw is a good example.

In the end, even larger saws like the DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw has a table with wheels to let you maneuver them from place to place. Any table saw can be portable if it has the right attachment or locomotion system. Any of our choices should be suitable, provided you have a solid table on which to perch the saw.

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