Brother MFC-J5330DW Review

The Brother MFC-J5330DW is ideal for office environments.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Review


  • Great mono copying/print speeds
  • Can take A3-sized paper
  • Good normal tray capacity
  • Auto duplex printing


  • Can only scan on one side
  • Expensive ink

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Printers for the office don’t have to be too bulky or loud for comfort. In addition, the best office printers will have extra features that make it stand above the rest. In our Brother MFC-J5330DW review, we’ll go over this versatile office all-in-one printer and see if it’s one of those exceptional devices that your workplace should buy as soon as possible.


The MFC-J5330DW is rather bulky, evoking imagery from workhorse printers of bygone decades. But it’s not too heavy, all things considered, and you can push the trays in somewhat to free up some space on your desk if things get too crowded.

Brother MFC-J5330DW - Design

The MFC-J5330DW accepts both A3 and A4 sheets of paper, and both can be loaded from an extendable tray. The ability to accept A3 paper automatically makes this an attractive printer for the office, as certain offices or legal documents require A3 paper as a rule. This way, you don’t have to go down to a copy shop to make special copies from your mis-sized originals.

The MFC-J5330DW isn’t too heavy, all things considered.

However, the A4 sheets can be loaded in a portrait orientation, which is easier when using the MFC-J5330DW on a crowded office desk. In addition, the A3 tray has to be single sheet fed, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Meanwhile, the A4 tray can hold up to 250 sheets at a time.


Brother MFC-J5330DW - Ink Cartridges

The MFC-J5330DW accepts all four ink cartridges (black, yellow, blue, and red) by opening the front flap and inserting the cartridges into the heart of the machine. The top half of the printer actually opens all the way up, which is where you can see the physical printer heads.


Interestingly, the ethernet and USB cables plug-in at this location, so you have to lift up the top each time you want to plug those into place. However, this does prevent you from accidentally unplugging the cables, which might be advantageous if you have a truly crowded desk space.


The scanner or copier tray can hold 50 pages at a time, but there’s also a single document feed tray where you can add envelopes or headed paper for more job variety.

Brother MFC-J5330DW - Touchscreen

In terms of controls, the MFC-J5330DW has a small color touchscreen that swivels upward so you don’t have to bend your neck at an auto orientation. It’s only about 2.7 inches across, which can make typing in your Wi-Fi password or other personal details on the small keyboard a bit of a pain. There’s also a physical keypad for further controls.


As mentioned, the MFC-J5330DW can print, copy, scan, and fax, making it an ideal machine for larger families and many offices. It can do all these tasks with Wi-Fi connectivity or ethernet cable, depending on your preference for whatever is most convenient. The printer offers instant access to the proprietary Brother iPrint and Scan app as a free download, which is a great idea if this is a shared work printer.

Printing Speed and Quality

The MFC-J5330DW can produce sheets of up to 22 pages per minute in black and white or 20 pages per minute in color. However, page speed noticeably drops when you mix both black-and-white and color needs (like a page with pictures and text). The real speed metrics are met when you order the MFC-J5330DW to produce plaintext pages like those commonly used for office documentation. In this way, the printer met our expectations.

Brother MFC-J5330DW - Print Quality

The MFC-J5330DW is good enough for office work.

In terms of quality, colors were suitably bold and black text was firm and dark without any of the minor smearing or fading that we sometimes see with cheaper HP printers. Images printed onto photo paper were of similar high-quality, even though this is strictly an office printer and not a printer designed to produce the perfect photos.

However, the maximum resolution for both black-and-white and mono prints is 600 x 600 dpi, or dots per inch. This isn’t very high, especially compared to many smaller printers that reach resolutions of around 1200 dpi. Still, it’s good enough for office work.


Copying speeds are pretty good, as well. A single page color copy will usually take 10 to 12 seconds, whereas single-page mono copies should take three seconds or so each. It all depends on the content of the pages, of course.

Brother MFC-J5330DW - Copying

You can stack up to 250 sheets if you’re using standard A4 paper. Being able to stack multiple copies into the loading tray and have your copies quickly is such an excellent staple of this printer type that we’re glad it wasn’t ignored in the MFC-J5330DW. Unfortunately, copying A3 paper requires single-sheet feeding, which necessitates slower progress.


The MFC-J5330DW features an auto-duplex function, so you don’t have to put the sheet back and forth to print on both sides. The scanner included with the MFC-J5330DW is good quality, although it can only scan one side of the sheet at a time, which is distinct from the auto-duplex capabilities of the printing system.
Ink Refills

Unfortunately, the MFC-J5330DW is an inkjet model. This means that ink refills are notoriously expensive. However, you can always replace whichever ink cartridge that needs refilling individually, so you aren’t forced to replace the entire set when one color runs dry.


All in all, the MFC-J5330DW is a great machine for daily office use and its versatility means that it should be worth the spot on your desk for at least a few years. While its color speed leaves a little to be desired given the price range, it’s black and white production efficiency is suitably robust and you should be able to depend on the MFC-J5330DW for most of your office printing and copying needs. The added ability to accept A3 paper kicks it above many similar printers, in our eyes.

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