The 6 Best Solar Lights in 2021

Light your way when it’s dark out with the best solar lights in 2021.

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Outdoor lights can be useful, but there’s always a sinking feeling when you drive up and the lights fail to come on. Oh no, you realize. The batteries are probably dead. This can be a big problem, too, if you rely on said lights to deter burglars from approaching your home when you’re away.

The solution is solar lights. As their name implies, these lights get energy from solar panels. This allows them to independently recharge their batteries and last for a long time to come. They’re easy to install and can be just as bright as their traditional counterparts. These excellent outdoor illuminators are a necessity for any homeowner.

To determine which solar lights were truly the best, we checked out lights for different needs. For instance, we found an excellent set of all-around lights in the Biling Outdoor Solar Lights. We also located some great decorative lights in the TomCare Upgraded Solar Lights and the BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights. Ultimately, we determined that there isn’t one single perfect set of solar lights, but many sets that are each worthwhile for different reasons.

Biling Solar Lights Outdoor

Best Solar Lights Overall

Biling Solar Lights Outdoor

Why should you buy this? The Biling Outdoor Solar Lights are high-quality and provide excellent illumination without being too expensive overall.

Biling Solar Lights Outdoor - Amazon

Biling Solar Lights

These solar lights are a great choice for many reasons, but especially their illuminating capabilities and excellent design.

Who’s it for? These lights are a perfect fit for those who need consistent and high-quality illumination without anything fancy or gimmicky.

Why we picked the Biling Solar Lights:

We ended up picking these lights primarily for their excellent design and their phenomenal illumination. Each light uses an upgraded solar panel made of monocrystalline silicon, which provides it with a high energy capacity. The lights are powered by lithium rechargeable battery, which provides about a 25% sunlight conversion rate, or 10 hours of safe working light after 8 to 12 hours of charging. In other words, a sunny day will equal a sunny night for your driveway.

These lights are also equipped with a capable motion sensor that has a service life of up to 10 years. Install these once and you won’t need to worry about outdoor illumination for a long time to come. Their diamond designs are also excellent. This design spreads the light over a wide circle of illumination. A single light is more than enough in terms of brightness and surface area for an entire porch, driveway, or gutter.

Essentially, these lights are a great all-around choice since they can do it all.

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

Best Solar Landscape Lights

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

Why should you buy this? The TomCare Upgraded Solar Lights are designed in the style of flickering flame-carrying torches, providing both illumination and decoration at the same time.

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded - Amazon

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

These stylish solar lights are perfect for outdoor use, especially since they automatically turn on at dusk and are totally waterproof.

Who’s it for? These are an excellent choice if you want solar lights that can spice up your outdoor space and still provide adequate illumination at the same time.

Why we picked the TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded:

We ended up choosing these lights for several reasons. First and foremost, they work wonderfully as landscape solar lights because of their excellent aesthetic. They’re designed to look like torches without the same level of danger or difficulty as actual flame-bearing ones. This is perfect for a backyard patio or relaxing space, or to lead guests to your house before a party.

These lights are also excellent because of their automatic light detection sensors. You won’t need to fiddle with them manually, as they’ll turn off when the sun comes up and on when the sun goes down.

Each torch is powered with a great lithium-ion battery that can burn for up to 12 hours after only eight hours of charging time. Add to that an excellent weatherproof construction and significant durability and you have an excellent set of solar lights on your hands. They’re even easy to install, without the need for wires or tools.

Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor

Why should you buy this? The Neloodony Outdoor Solar Lights are a four-pack of 100 LED waterproof motion sensor lights that can illuminate your path or scare off would-be burglars when you’re not home.

Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor - Amazon

Neloodony Solar Lights

These capable solar lights are tough, bright, and suitable for a variety of outdoor positions.

Who’s it for? These are a great choice if you need outdoor security or illumination, especially since their easy installation allows you to place them just about anywhere you need.

Why we picked the Neloodony Solar Lights:

We chose these lights primarily for their excellent shape and illuminating capabilities. Each lamp can produce illumination up to 2000 lm: perfect for helping you navigate a dark driveway and for scaring off potential intruders. They’re motion-activated and can pick up movement from about 3 to 5 meters away.

They even have brought detection angles up to about 125°. Their illuminating power is so intense they can brighten about 26 m², all because of the sunlight they absorb during the day.

Each panel is particularly efficient. Their energy conversion rate is about 23%, so each light only needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight to work all night long. Installing these lights is super easy. No electrical wires are needed, and you can use the included screws and pillar hinges that come with the purchase to mount them anywhere you have room outside your home.

YiaMia Solar Light Outdoor

Best Solar Flood Lights

YiaMia Solar Light Outdoor

Why should you buy this? The YiaMia Outdoor Solar Light is powered by a separate but broad solar panel that provides plenty of energy to flood a space with light during nighttime hours.

YiaMia Solar Light Outdoor - Amazon

YiaMia Solar Light

This solar floodlight is super bright and controllable by remote.

Who’s it for? If you need a floodlight for your backyard or front porch, this is the solar light for you.

Why we picked the YiaMia Solar Light:

This is the ideal solar floodlight for lots of reasons, but mainly because of its excellent brightness rating. The light features 30 high brightness LED bulbs which are powered by 2200mah lithium-ion batteries. The light can be made illumination at an angle of 180° and provides excellent visibility on the space below. Its separation from the solar panel allows you to mount it in a variety of creative positions.

The solar panel must be mounted nearby, but this gives you extra freedom and lets you maximize its exposure to the sun. It only needs about seven hours to fully charge the battery, which then works for 18 hours.

Both the light and the solar panel are waterproof and durable. You can control both pieces with a remote control, as the panel and light are connected by a 2.8 meter long cable. This makes it easy to fine-tune the light’s performance after installation, even if you mount it in a hard-to-reach area.

BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

Best Solar Christmas Lights

BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

Why should you buy this? The BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights bring Christmas cheer to your home with super bright LED bulbs and a high-quality 20-meter long copper wire.

BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights - Amazon

BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

This flexible and vibrant set of string lights are great not only for Christmas but also for any happy occasion, like parties or weddings.

Who’s it for? These lights are an ideal choice if you want solar bulbs to brighten up your home in a decorative fashion.

Why we picked the BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights:

In terms of holiday or Christmas solar lights, you can’t do much better than this set. The set comes with 200 super bright LED bulbs, which are then installed on a 20-meter long copper wire and a 2-meter long lead wire. These wire types allow you to bend the bulbs into the shape or configuration that works best for your home or outdoor environment. Feel free to set them up around a tree or across a gazebo, as an example.

The bulbs have on and off buttons and a separate mode button, which causes lights to flicker in different patterns to suit the celebration at hand. There’s even a built-in memory chip that remembers your last setting, so you don’t need to tinker with the lights very frequently.

All the bulbs are charged by solar energy, as they’re connected to a solar panel that can be mounted anywhere that is convenient for your space. The panel has a 120° rotation angle and only needs six hours to fully charge the bulbs. Ultimately, this set combines the ease-of-use and energy efficiency of traditional solar lights with the dazzle of Christmas decorations.

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

Best Solar Gutter Lights

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

Why should you buy this? The FALOVE 6 Pack Deal Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights are environmentally friendly, bright, and easy to hang in coordinated patterns.

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights - Amazon


These gutter solar lights are among the easiest to install and provide excellent illumination.

Who’s it for? These are an excellent pick if you want a network of high-powered and energy-efficient solar lights to illuminate the entirety of your home’s perimeter.

Why we picked the FALOVE Outdoor LED:

We chose these lights as our recommendation for gutter solar lights because you get six in the pack, and for an affordable asking price. Each of the lights can be hung from gutter systems, walls, fences, or sheds. There’s no limit to the places you can put these lights and having six of them means you’ll be able to illuminate practically all of your outdoor space with ease.

Lights automatically turn on at night and turn off when the sun rises. They’re relatively small, only measuring 7.6 x 12.7 cm, and are lightweight and easy to install. To make things better, they’re each equipped with a dedicated solar panel on the back, allowing them to absorb energy without needing a larger centralized panel placed nearby.

Of course, they’re each also quite weatherproof and durable. You’ll be able to use these for a long time to come before needing replacements.

How we test

Finding the ideal solar lights wasn’t easy, especially since there are many on the market. We considered what we’d want for our own lights around our homes as we investigated. This helped us figure out which aspects to prioritize and what really mattered. Things like durability, brightness, and battery life became supremely important.

Solar Lights FAQ

What Are the Brightest Solar Lights on the Market?

The brightest solar lights we found in our search for the best were the Neloodony Outdoor Solar Lights, with an excellent luminosity rating of 2000 lumens. This means they’ll be bright enough to clearly illuminate your porch or patio, even in complete darkness.

Where to Buy Solar Lights

You can buy solar lights from a variety of vendors, either in-person or online. Amazon is, of course, a great choice. But you can usually find lights from home improvement stores where they sell other outdoor equipment and supplies. Hardware stores are another good bet.

What Are the Best Solar Lights?

What the best solar lights are largely depends on what you need lights to do. For instance, you need lights to surround your entire house or hang on your gutters? In that case, the FALOVE 6 Pack Deal Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights are a great pick. On the flip side, if you want something affordable, then the Biling Solar Lights are a better bargain.

What Are the Best Outdoor Solar Lights?

Outdoor solar lights should be durable and weatherproof. This will allow them to remain functional even if it snows or rains. You don’t want to have to do lots of maintenance after each time it gets a little cloudy outside!

To that end, the best outdoor solar lights are absolutely the Neloodony Outdoor Solar Lights. Not only are they among the brightest on the market, but they’re super tough and are resistant to weather damage. They’re even easy to hand around your home wherever you need them to.

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