Best Peppa Pig Toys 2021

Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress-Up Puzzle

This sweet animated series about a family of pigs has spawned an empire! Peppa, George and their parents, Mummy and Daddy Pig explore a range of different social scenarios in their TV show designed for preschool children. This helps to ease children’s worries and fears and introduces them to a range of situations and concepts in a safe and fun way. Throughout each episode,there are strong social messages about being kind, thoughtful and behaving appropriately.

The popularity of Peppa Pig around the world means that the market has been flooded with a huge range of merchandise from water bottles and towels to t-shirts and shoes, and of course, plenty of toys! With such a huge range of toys offering different developmental benefits, entertainment and education to different age groups it can quickly become overwhelming when you’re looking to select a gift for a child. We’ve brought together a list of the Top 15 Best Peppa Pig Toys of 2021 to help you choose.

Best SpongeBob SquarePants Toys 2021

Alpha Group SpongeBob SquarePants Figure

If you feel like SpongeBob has been around since you were a kid, it’s because it has! The show premiered in 1999 and has been constantly well-liked since then, these days it’s popular with kids, teens and adults alike. The show follows a yellow sponge who lives in Bikini Bottom on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab restaurant as a cook and spends time with his best friends Patrick and Squidward who both feature prominently in the show. Following the adventures of these friends the show is full of off-the-wall, zany humor and offers plenty of positive messages about loyalty, kindness and friendship too.

SpongeBob SquarePants is generally intended for slightly older kids as there is some mockery and fantasy violence involved in the episodes, but the relationships between SpongeBob and his friends can be both sweet and heartwarming making the show a firm favorite with many. With its ongoing popularity there’s plenty of SpongeBob Squarepants toys and merchandise available so we’ve brought together a list of the Top 11 Best SpongeBob SquarePants Toys of 2021 to help you find what you’re looking for.

Best Paw Patrol Toys 2021

Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Wooden ABC Block Truck

The animated series Paw Patrol has gone from strength to strength, gaining rapidly in popularity amongst preschoolers and young children. The series is based on a group of rescue pups who help those in trouble; each episode begins with a child or an animal in trouble, but there’s always a happy ending thanks to the Paw patrol’s skills and bravery. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, and Skye are led by their human friend, Ryder and have plenty of exciting adventures.

Paw Patrol is a great way to teach kids about problem solving and citizenship. The TV programme shows kids how different types of people can work together to get a job done, playing to their strengths and using their different skills. This strong message makes Paw patrol a great choice for younger viewers and means that the show has become popular with educators and parents as well as kids. However, this popularity also means that the choice of Paw Patrol toys for kids can be overwhelming, so we’ve listed some of the best here to help you narrow down your choice;

Best Outdoor Playsets and Toys in 2021

Little Tikes Picnic on The Patio Playhouse

Being outside is really beneficial to babies, toddlers and children because humans are designed to spend much of their time outdoors as hunter-gatherer societies would have. This outdoor lifestyle would have allowed for plenty of fresh air and sun-exposure which are important for our health; for example, sun-exposure causes the body to produce vitamin D and without regular exposure to natural sunlight we risk becoming deficient in this important vitamin which increases bone density. As a result of less time being spent outdoors, some health services now recommend supplementation from birth to avoid the risk of rickets, a condition that had been on the rise.

As well as vitamin D, being outside causes the human body to produce more serotonin the ‘feel-good’ or ‘happy’ hormone that prevents depression and eases anxiety. For children, in particular, being outside helps to set their circadian rhythm, or wake-sleep pattern, and what parent wouldn’t like a child who slept more at night!? Physical play is incredibly important for children’s overall health and development and this tends to happen more naturally outside. However, many children are quite resistant to the idea of simply going on a walk, so you may need to find some ways to encourage them to play outdoors and stay active. That’s where these toys come in, we’ve brought together some of the Best Outdoor Playsets and Toys available in 2021 so that you can encourage children out into the great outdoors. Before we get to the list of outdoor playsets and toys, here are a few features you should look out for when selecting what to buy;

Best Learning Toys in 2021

Galt Toys Horrible Science Explosive Experiments

Everyone wants to help their children to be the best they can be, and often that means supporting them through their educational journey. We might think about lessons and books when we think about ‘learning’ but toys have an important, even vital, role to play in learning for the majority of children. Learning through play is what children are designed to do and as such, research has shown that it is incredibly effective. Through play, children develop a whole range of dispositions and skills that underpin their learning throughout school and life.

The use of educational toys can help to enhance learning through play and allow children to develop skills like problem-solving, social skills, communication, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, imagination and can also build the foundation for more academic subjects like mathematics, literacy, science and technology. We’ve brought together some of the best learning toys in 2021 and highlighted the ways in which they can help children to learn. So, here are some of the best learning and educational toys by age group;

Best Dinosaur Toys 2021

Vanplay Take Apart Dinosaur Toy with Electric Drill

Dinosaurs have fascinated adults and children alike for many years. They’re a really popular interest for children whose imaginations are captured by the idea of these giant, prehistoric reptiles and many children enjoy learning the names of dinosaurs and absorbing a wealth of knowledge about the creatures size, eating habits and habitats.

Some parents worry that an interest in dinosaurs leads to violent or aggressive play but it is the exciting, powerful nature of dinosaurs which often appeals to children and imaginative play, even when it seems aggressive is a safe space for children to experiment with different kinds of feelings and emotions. In this regard dinosaur play can be very helpful, and it has tons of other benefits too! In learning about dinosaurs children learn to follow their own independent interests, research skills, often listening or reading, memorizing facts and then using them in play. As well as all of this, children are introduced to ideas about classification, mathematical measurement and often hone their speech and language skills practicing all those complex names! In short, dinosaurs are a great interest for children as this interest has so many different learning opportunities.

Best Robot Toys 2021

Best Robot Toys

Robots are an exciting toy that children have been interested in throughout the years, but as technology has moved on robots are now becoming part of our everyday lives; think self-checkout at the supermarket, robot vacuums in the home, or even the robots used in production lines producing things like car parts. As we move into the future it’s likely that robots are going to do more and more; self-driving cars are already being explored and as this industry booms more workers will be needed, so building the skills needed to work in this sector is a smart move.

Children are innately attracted to robots perhaps because they seem to cross a boundary between animate and inanimate, they are not human and yet they are strangely recognizable and sometimes even seem friendly. As such many children dream of having a robot friend, or at least a robot servant to do their chores and homework for them! But playing with robots has many more developmental benefits than simply getting jobs done or having fun. Playing with robots can help to increase children’s skills with using technology, build coding or programming skills and increase understanding of cause and effect. Here we’ve listed some of the best robot toys for 2021 by age group and highlighted what to look out for when buying for each age group too.

Best Watches for Kids in 2021

Best Kids Watches

For some kids getting a watch is a rite of passage and certainly learning to tell the time is a significant milestone in a child’s development, but when is it right to buy a child’s first watch? It used to be that many parents were worried about the safety of watches with glass faces, but now many watches are specifically designed to be robust enough to stand up to the rough and tumble of a kid’s lifestyle. Then there was the idea of usefulness; is it useful for a kid to have a watch before they can tell the time independently? Thinking on this has changed somewhat and most people now consider having a watch a good encouragement to learn telling the time, and of course, digital watches are also an option.

Best Barbie Toys in 2021

Barbie Dream Camper Playset

Barbie has got to be one of the world’s most instantly recognizable toys. The first Barbie doll was introduced to the market in 1959 and the Barbie empire has expanded ever since. Playing with Barbie dolls is a great way for children to build social skills and imagination as they play by acting out scenarios and experimenting with different social situations.

Best Race Tracks for Kids 2021

Best Race Tracks for Kids

Race tracks are a fantastic and timeless toy for children, and their appeal spans many age groups. In fact, it’s not unusual to find grown-ups wanting to have a go too! The appeal of race track toys seems to endure through many generations and many grandparents have a set of tracks in the attic which they will get out when grandchildren come to visit because, despite the growing popularity of technological gadgets, race track toys seem to remain popular.