Garmin Fenix 6 Review

High-tech and high-power, any Fenix 6 watch is worth the cost.

Garmin Fenix 6 Review


  • Very durable
  • Has lots of metrics for fitness enthusiasts
  • Excellent GPS accuracy
  • Weighs less than the Fenix 5


  • All are a bit bulky on the wrist
  • Base watch doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity

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Fitness enthusiasts should always be on the search for the next great companion watch. The Garmin Fenix series has long held a place among the best fitness watches with lots of digital features and durable design. Let’s examine their newest watch line in our Fenix 6 review.


There are several models of Fenix 6 watches, but many of the below aspects are shared among them.

The standard watch case size is 47 mm, although you can shrink this down to 42 mm for a miniature version of the standard watch. There’s also an option for 51 mm, but we found that the standard Fenix 6 watch size was suitable for our needs.

The Fenix 5 and 6 look similar, but the Fenix 6 weighs slightly less.

It’s a little lighter than the Fenix 5 Plus smartwatch, even though the two watches look the same. The Fenix 6 standard watch carries on the bulkier aesthetic from its predecessor, which is necessary to carry all of its features. This causes it to feel noticeably lighter even though it doesn’t look like it.

Garmin Fenix 6 - Design

The watch has a 260 x 260 resolution display. This is plenty of space and detail for all of the watch’s various functions. Around the display rim, you’ll find all of the physical buttons that you use to control the watch’s features.

The Fenix 6 as a whole is quite durable and is able to withstand significant wear and tear without sustaining lots of scratches or marks. This adds to its value as a runner’s or outdoorsman’s watch; it can handle the elements just as well as you can. To achieve this durability, you’ll choose between steel or titanium when you purchase the watch.


You can fit up to eight separate activity measurements around the edges of the watch face since the screen is larger than the last iteration of this series. The trademark Garmin transflective memory-in-pixel tech returns to illuminate the watch with external light sources. Basically, the watch doesn’t dip into its battery by using a powerful backlit screen.

Garmin Fenix 6 - Screen

There is a good LED backlight for when the watch is in the dark, of course. It works well enough without sucking up too much battery life, so we think this is a great design choice. In addition, the MIP tech means that the watch is super easy to read even in direct sunlight.


The Fenix 6 series of watches also use widgets to group your data into easy to read collections. For instance, you can see the weather, your heart rate, notifications, attract steps, and, if you have one of the higher variants of the watch, your music controls and calendar just by touching the button near the top of the screen.

Garmin Fenix 6 - Battery Mode

It’s also super easy to check how much battery you have left and control your power consumption with just a few taps. You’ll control everything with physical buttons rather than using a touchscreen, which improves the watch’s durability. Still, the screen is very responsive to each button press and there isn’t any notable lack in response.


The heart rate sensor has been upgraded from the last Garmin watch series. It can keep track of your heart rate even underwater without an additional strap.

Garmin Fenix 6 - Running

The standard metrics are still there and can track your fitness progress. You can examine your distance, pacing and running speed all with a few button presses. In addition, the Fenix 6 can track your heart rate over time. This is great for measuring your current heart rate against your average.

All the measuring tools you love are still present in the Fenix 6.

If you have a watch with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can store your music and control your Spotify playlists with the watch. Garmin Pay, a mobile app interface, allows you to make payments from the watch within a few button presses.

Garmin Fenix 6 - GPS

Further improvements include upgrades to the GPS connectivity for the watch. It’s exceptional for finding your location as soon as you begin tracking your activity. The GPS accuracy is superb and good enough to be military-grade tech, in our eyes.

Battery Life

Watches in the Fenix 6 series typically last for 14 days before you need to recharge the battery. Be aware that using the GPS mode drains the battery significantly more quickly and lowers your battery time to about 36 hours.

You can stretch this to 48 days if you initiate the battery and saving mode, but you won’t be able to use several of the more advanced features of the watch.

The Fenix 6 Pro, which has a longer battery life, at about 10 hours to the watch’s uptime even if you use the GPS or music features. Thankfully, each watch only takes a couple of hours to refill the battery entirely once it’s been drained. This is, of course, not taking into account the passive solar power regeneration offered by the Solar Fenix 6 watch.

Fenix 6 vs 6 Pro vs 6X: What’s the Difference?

The Fenix 6 series comes with a few models. The Pro variant of the Fenix 6 watch adds the PacePro feature, which advises you to slow down or speed up during your run based on your weekly metrics. This can help you achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, you’ll get access to maps for downloading to the Garmin companion.

More importantly, the Fenix 6 Pro adds Wi-Fi connectivity for all of the above features and the ability to preload music.

Fenix 6 vs 6 Pro vs 6X

The Fenix 6X Solar Pro watch is the best of the best.

The 6X variant has a longer battery life than the other types of watches, plus the added benefits of the Pro. At full battery, you can use the 6x 140 hours even with the GPS functionality enabled.

But if you really want to go big and get the best of the best, the Fenix 6X Solar Pro watch is for you. This watch is built with an all-titanium body and has integrated solar panels installed around the rim of the watch face. These solar panels transfer energy from the sun straight to the battery of the watch. So long as you’re in daylight, you won’t run out of battery.


The Garmin Fenix 6 watch series is well worth the cost if you’re after some of the best fitness watches on the market. They can offer nearly unparalleled durability and versatility in their features that few watches can match.

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