HP DeskJet 2632 Review

The DeskJet 2532 is small and affordable enough to be a single-person printer.

HP DeskJet 2632 Review


  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Decent print resolution and mono speed


  • Photo print quality is not great
  • No auto duplex printing

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HP’s smaller printer lines tend to blur together after a while, but there is significant variation between the exact offerings of each unit. In our HP DeskJet 2632 review, we’ll look at what makes this printer different from the other affordable printers currently offered by HP. You’ll be able to decide if this printer or one of their other choices is more suitable for your needs.


The HP DeskJet 2632 Wireless All-in-One printer features dimensions measured at 5.9 x 16.7 x 11.9”. This small size and total overall weight of about 6.6 pounds make it easy to set up on most desks and maneuver without trouble. The size and weight also make it a suitable printer for children or teenagers that may not have the organizational skills or strength to handle larger printing machines.

HP DeskJet 2632 - Design

The printer also comes in a more unique white and teal color scheme that is distinct from the normal HP printer color schemes of black and gray.

We really like that the output tray can be closed to minimize the amount of space that the printer takes up on your desk. This also reduces the likelihood of jamming, and you can fit 25 sheets of paper into the tray once it’s shut. This isn’t enough for an industrial copier or for a larger office, but smaller reception stations or homes will make do just fine.


HP DeskJet 2632 - Control

The printer is controlled via a small panel located on the front of the machine. The display is for informational reading purposes only; everything is controlled via a simplistic series of buttons to the right of the display. Despite the lack of advanced options, we found that navigating the various printer functions didn’t take much tinkering to figure out.


The 2632 can print, copy, and scan all from the same machine. All three functions can be initiated with a few button presses. This makes it a suitable choice for family printing purposes or for a small office. The scanner is positioned at the top of the printer and features a liftable lid. Unfortunately, you can only scan one side of a document at a time, but this isn’t too unexpected given the low asking price of the machine as a whole.

Similarly, this printer does not feature auto duplex printing or copying. This means you’ll have to flip each sheet manually if you want to print on both sides.

Printing Speed

Its printing speeds clock in at about 7.5 pages per minute for black copies or prints and 5.5 pages per minute for color.

Upon testing, this reported speed was actually a little faster than the actual speed, although it’s possible to achieve the touted 7.5 pages per minute on text-only documents. Real speeds will probably be closer to about six pages per minute for black and white copies and four pages per minute for color, but this is still good enough for most users.


HP DeskJet 2632 - Connectivity

The printer features connectivity options. You can use the high-speed USB 2.0 port or Wi-Fi connectivity depending on your preference. Hooking up the printer to your Wi-Fi router is recommended since you can use the HP Mobile Printing app that comes with the purchase. HP ePrint functionality is also supported, so it’s easy to start a printing job from another room in your home and arrive just as the copy is finished.

But what about print quality? The 2632 offers pretty good results when it comes to regular black and color documents. Black and white text is clear and doesn’t normally smear or fade, even as the ink cartridges start to run low. Color documents showed excellent variety and radiance for each color type.

HP DeskJet 2632 - Printing Quality

That being said, colorful photographs suffered noticeably when tested specifically. The colors in photographs and up looking slightly grainy and you can usually see slight black lines running the length of the photo no matter how you tweak the settings. So we’d hesitate to recommend this for printing out photos for the family album, but it’s suitable for homework or for light office work.

The print resolution is competitive for a printer of this price range.

The maximum print resolutions are listed at 1200 x 1200 dpi for mono pages and 4800 x 1200 dpi for color pages. This is competitive for a printer of this price range in size.

We also noted that the 2632 tended to be a bit loud during the printing process, even if it was only printing a single sheet. This can become annoying after a while, but it likely won’t become too unbearable if you use the printer for its intended purpose: sparing printing for homework or occasional office documents.

Ink Refills

Like most HP printers, the 2632 qualifies for the Instant Ink program. This allows you to fulfill a monthly subscription and received new ink cartridges based on your usage level. HP learns of your current needs through your printer being connected to the Internet.

HP DeskJet 2632 - Ink

This can be advantageous if you use the printer frequently, but those who only need to print a few documents each week will probably be better off purchasing ink as they require it rather than following the monthly subscription. Still, Instant Ink isn’t too bad in terms of cost per page if you print all the time.


All in all, the HP DeskJet 2632 is another easy to use, lightweight printer from HP that fits into a similar niche as the Envy 3050 and other small, family-oriented devices. It’s not heavy-duty enough or fast enough to serve as a primary printer for any office setting, but it’s perfectly fine as an individual printer or a machine used for schoolwork every other night. Its affordability and small size make it an excellent choice as a personal printer rather than a communal one.

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