Jabra Elite Active 65T Review

These earbuds are designed for runners in need of superior sound.

Jabra Elite Active 65T Review


  • Very comfortable
  • Superb sound
  • Good noise-canceling ability
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Comes with fitness tracking capability


  • Have to use HearThrough and fitness tracker simultaneously
  • A bit expensive for only a few extra features

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The Jabra Elite 65T earbuds are a great pair of devices. But how do their fitness-focused counterparts hold up? Let’s see what makes the newer buds worth buying in our Jabra Elite Active 65T review. We’ll compare both earbuds’ features to determine if they’re right for your needs.


With a cord-free design, it’s easier than ever to take these on a workout or enjoy your tunes without the hassle of a wire. The discrete black or blue selectable colors are more mature and sophisticated than the white shade of Apple’s AirPods. The earbuds have a circular shape and a small protruding arm to fit comfortably in your ear.

Jabra Elite Active 65T - Design

To control which track you are listening to, simply look at the left earbud and find the indicated notches. These notches tell you exactly where to press to skip or repeat songs.


In terms of comfort, the Jabra Elite Active 65T earbuds are some of the most comfortable on the market. These have been molded to fit inside most ears of various shapes without making the ears ache after some time. Make sure to rotate the bud so that the tip faces toward your mouth for optimal fitting.

Jabra Elite Active 65T - Extra Tips

To ensure even better fitting, the earbuds come with three sets of silicone gels. You can swap these out with a little tugging at the top of the buds. Most people should be able to find which gels work the best for their ears after a few attempts.


The earbuds have a split functionality. You can take the left earbud out and continue to listen to your music or podcast with the right earbud. The pair is smart enough to know that you aren’t done listening to your current program. However, the right earbud must control this feature, as taking the right earbud out stops playback entirely.

Jabra Elite Active 65T

As a final benefit, the Jabra Elite Active 65T earbuds are sweat resistant. No need to worry about your workout sweat damaging the electronics of the buds!


The Active variant of the Elite 65T buds comes with a built-in accelerometer. Basically, it doubles as a fitness tracker. Download the Jabra Sound+ app, connect it to your earbuds and you’re good to go. You can track the miles that you’ve traversed so far or use the app to turn on the HearThrough feature.

This feature is of great value to runners or anyone who spend a lot of time outside with the earbuds. The HearThrough tech allows in ambient noise to let you safely traverse a busy city environment without taking the earbuds out. It’s a particular value to those who run during rush hour.

Jabra Elite Active 65T - Fitness App

However, you do have to have the HearThrough feature activated if you also want to track your fitness levels. It would be nice if the two features were separate so we could activate them when we liked.

Sound Quality

The headphones come with perfect sound right out of the box. The ear tips included on each bud have noise-canceling tech integrated with their design. This functionality is efficient and reliable; you’ll find that most noise gets blocked out effectively unless you use the HearThrough feature.

Jabra Elite Active 65T - Equalizer

You can customize the sound of the Jabra Elite Active 65T buds via the app we mentioned above. This allows you to focus more on bass sounds, for instance, which can be useful when you’re fighting the ambient sound of your environment during a run.

Call Quality

Connecting the earbuds to your phone to accept a call is recommended. The voice of your speaker is crisp and clear in our experience. Even our own voices came through as though we were on the phone ourselves.

Battery Life

You can get five hours of playback on a full charge. This is decent battery life for a pair of earbuds, but you can extend the battery life by placing the buds back into the charging case in between your workouts. This is recommended so that you don’t ever run out of juice in the middle of an activity.

Jabra Elite Active 65T - Charging

Since you’ll be putting the buds back into the case for storage, anyway, keeping them charged up is easy. If you do happen to forget to place them back in the charging slot, it only takes about 15 minutes to get enough power for a full workout’s worth of music.


The Jabra Elite Active 65T earbuds come with an oval charging case that has perfectly sized depressions where the earbuds fit. This case is a great spot to keep earbuds to prevent them from getting lost. The case is extremely secure, as you have to squeeze and lift the lid at the same time to get it to open. This child-free protection is great insurance to prevent the buds from being removed by accident.

Jabra Elite 65T vs. Active: Which is Better?

Many of you might be wondering what the main differences are between these two earbuds and whether the Active buds are worth the higher cost.

The main difference between the two is that the Active buds are designed for workout enthusiasts and runners. They include many of the excellent quality of life and sound quality features that the Elite 65T buds bring to the table, but they include additional exerciser-friendly features like the motion sensor for step tracking and the sweat-resistant coating.

Jabra Elite 65t vs Elite Active 65t

Both have the same battery life and the same controls, and the same charging scheme. Essentially, the Actives are a great pick if you’re a frequent runner or spend lots of time in the gym. Otherwise, you can get the same earbuds minus the extra running features for less money.


The Jabra Elite 65T Active earbuds are a runner’s dream come true. They’re easy to use, feel great in the ear, and come with features to make your next jog even more energizing. Pick these up if you have the money to spare and will make use of the fitness app.

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