JLab Epic Air Sport Review

Bass-heavy wireless earbuds for the gym with a good battery life

JLab Epic Air Sport Review


  • 10-hour battery life
  • Noise cancellation capability
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Charge your phone from the charging case


  • Physical design takes some getting used to
  • Sound reproduction is a little bassy

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JLab Audio brings something genuinely new to the world of personal audio with the JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds. The clear and exclusive focus on personal audio allows the company to bring something to the market that few can match. The company’s award-winning history and reputation is for long battery life and versatility in personal audio. This product does not disappoint.

Though they’re designed for the gym, you might find yourself using your JLab Epic Air Sport for other things.

What stands out here is the long battery life and the ability to use this product to do a wide range of things. But JLab Audio also adds many new features to this solid foundation, including superior noise cancellation, sound settings, and a low price that beats the competition.

Put together as a total package, what JLab Audio offers here is going to be incredibly tough to beat. This is a compelling product.

Battery Life

The JLab Epic Air Sport is able to get 10 hours of battery life plus 60 additional hours in its charging case. That’s already a superior quality product. But JLab adds to this the ability to charge your phone from the charging case. With this ability added, it becomes a real gem. It’s a total package to support whatever it is you’re doing in your day.

JLab Epic Air Sport - Charging Case

While many companies tout the ability to use their earbuds to do a wide range of things, the ability to change your phone from the charging case—and a total battery life of about 70 hours—puts those words into action in a way that few can match or beat. A company that can boast nearly three days of battery life has built something special. Combined with Bluetooth capability, that’s a compelling package.

Noise and Sound Quality

The JLab Epic Air Sport boasts superior noise cancellation and sound quality. The Be Aware sound settings give unprecedented control to the user of the earbuds. Turn outside sound on to be aware of your surroundings while running near a road or crowded area, or turn outside sound off to focus intently on what you’re listening to with your earbuds.

JLab Epic Air Sport

It’s not just about noise cancellation. It’s about putting control of noise cancellation in the hands of the user of the product. And the three EQ sound setting options put even more control in your hands. You can hear the difference, and hearing the difference doesn’t require the use of a special app.

Triple-tapping the left earbud cycles through the three EQ presets.

As far as sound reproduction goes, JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds are good but the bass is given a pronounced boost. This is great if you love powerful bass, but if you’re looking for a more natural sound you might want to adjust the EQ. Cycling through the three EQ settings can be done by triple-tapping the left earbud.


JLab Epic Air Sport - Sweatproof

The IP66 sweatproof rating of the JLab Epic Air Sport lets you know you can use this product to do all the things you need to do in your active life. Playing basketball or running? Doing weight training? No problem. The sweatproof rating of this product shows you can do all of these things without having to worry about earbuds. Isn’t it nice to be able to live an active lifestyle without having to worry about sweat?


The earbud design of the JLab Epic Air Sport is something many users will enjoy. It’s almost entirely seamless and unobtrusive. You’ll barely notice the earbuds as they’re in place. This setup’s very supportive of a wide range of personal lifestyles.

JLab Epic Air Sport - Design

However, the new design is something that has a learning curve and users will have to adjust to. Many users will find the ear design intuitive and user friendly. Others will find the feeling of the earbuds take a little time to get used to.

Active Lifestyle

The JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds are just about perfect for anyone’s active lifestyle. They carry a wide range of positive features discussed above: noise cancellation, superior sound quality, a great sweatproof rating, and top-notch battery life.

The ear hooks hug the back of your ear without causing friction, so you can perform exercise wearing the headphones without them falling out.

What these features share in common is that they put the user in control of the product and of their lives. They enable everyone to go about the day and do the things they do without having to worry too much about whether their earbuds will come along for the ride. They will.

These will be with you everywhere you go and with everything you do. You can run, hike, train, play sports, or just move around your neighborhood and your earbuds will be with you each step of the way.


There’s one final feature worth mentioning here, and that’s price. The JLab Epic Air Sport comes at a cool price that’s well below that of several important competitors. There aren’t many comparable products on the market at the same price. JLab has managed to put together a product that simply beats anyone on price.

JLab Epic Air Sport - Included

In addition to beating the competition on price, JLab Audio also beats the competition in terms of warranty length. The standard warranty on this product is a year longer than its major competitors.


JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds provide great battery life, noise cancellation, and have good technical support. This is all delivered at a price lower than the competition, making them hard to beat.

Just about any buyer will be satisfied with what they find here. The JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds are one of the best products in their class on the market today.

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