HP DeskJet 2632 Review

HP DeskJet 2632

HP’s smaller printer lines tend to blur together after a while, but there is significant variation between the exact offerings of each unit. In our HP DeskJet 2632 review, we’ll look at what makes this printer different from the other affordable printers currently offered by HP. You’ll be able to decide if this printer or one of their other choices is more suitable for your needs.

HP OfficeJet 6950 Review

HP OfficeJet 6950

HP’s OfficeJet line of printers has been on the market for some time, and each iteration brings new designs or new organization that alters the way you might be able to do business. Some are better for office work while others are more suited for family life. Still more can do both reasonably well. Let’s take a look at one of HP’s more versatile printers in our HP OfficeJet 6950 review.

Zebra GK420d Review

Zebra GK420d

Not all printers are all-purpose. Some smaller printers are specifically designed for popping out multi-use labels for shipping, scanning, or organizing, depending on the business or the user’s needs. The Zebra GK420d is one of those printers.

In our Zebra GK420d Label Printer review, we’ll go over what makes this printer worth your time and money and investigate any potential flaws.

Polaroid Zip Review

Polaroid Zip

Sometimes you’ll take a photo and want to print it out right away, rather than wait to transfer it to your computer, then a full printer, then purchase ink, and on and on. Portable printers are starting to become more commonplace, offering quick solutions for those who need physical photos fast.

Let’s take a look at one of the more recent portable printers in our Polaroid Zip review.

HP Envy 5030 Review

HP Envy 5030

HP has been in the printing and computer business for a long time. They offer printers and other devices for a variety of needs, but the Envy 5030 is almost certainly designed for smaller families that only occasionally need the services of a home printer. It lacks the quality and speed of an office machine, but the low asking price makes it a worthwhile look if you fit the above category. Let’s examine all that it has to offer in our HP Envy 5030 review.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Review

Brother MFC-J5330DW

Printers for the office don’t have to be too bulky or loud for comfort. In addition, the best office printers will have extra features that make it stand above the rest. In our Brother MFC-J5330DW review, we’ll go over this versatile office all-in-one printer and see if it’s one of those exceptional devices that your workplace should buy as soon as possible.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Review

Canon Selphy CP1300

Small-format printers often disappoint when it comes to print quality. The trend recently has been for ultra-portable Zero Ink (ZINK) printers that don’t require replacement ink, but the prints from these printers range from passable to dire. They’re also usually limited in functionality, only allowing prints from a mobile device, for example.

Despite its small size, the CP1300 is a ‘proper’ photo printer with the quality and features you’ll want if you’re making more than just a few throwaway prints from your cell phone. The quality of the photos is excellent, the ongoing costs are reasonable, and the interface is easy to use. A new feature for the CP1300 is ‘Shuffle Print’, which is the ability to print from multiple devices at the same time onto a single piece of paper.